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What is Purely Porsche?

Purely Porsche is a family of web sites providing comprehensive and accurate data, photos and information for Porsche owners and enthusiasts.

At its core is Porsche Archive which details every road-going model of Porsche produced from the 1950s to the present day. Until now, it’s been impossible to find this information on one web site and, what information there has been, has not always been accurate.

Complementing this is Porsche File, a huge collection of directories of companies offering services and products to Porsche owners.

When people register to use the sites (which are free) they automatically become members of Porsche Club, a free international group of Porsche owners.

Who uses Purely Porsche?

Porsche enthusiasts hunger after accurate, easy to use information on and for their cars, and most are busy people who don’t have time to trawl the Internet or gossip on forums.

Purely Porsche, therefore, is used by people looking for information on Porsches and related services and products. They are enthusiasts who already own one or more Porsches, and people looking to buy a Porsche.

Because Purely Porsche has sites in all Porsche’s main markets, you can be sure that each site is only used by people local to that market.

The site is also used by writers and journalists, traders and technicians, and other professionals within the Porsche world.

Why you need Purely Porsche

More and more advertising is done on the Internet but, all too often, so-called enthusiast sites are not frequented by the people your company wants to target.

Purely Porsche is different because the site is used by people who are genuinely involved in Porsches and are eager to find accurate information.

The Porsche File directories are a one-stop shop for people looking for Porsche specialists, parts and resources, making it an essential place to promote your business.

Advertising opportunities

Purely Porsche encompasses a large family of web sites giving a fantastic opportunity to position your advert where it will most benefit you. We’ll be happy to guide you through the options over the telephone; in the meantime, here are the main ones:

Global advert

For the ultimate in exposure, you can choose to have a banner or skyscraper advert that appears on every page within the Purely Porsche family.


Site adverts

These are powerful positions that give your company visibility over an entire site, such as Purely Porsche, Porsche Archive or Porsche File.

You can choose from a banner or a skyscraper advert and it will appear on every page of the site.


Page adverts

These high-visibility banner adverts appear on the pages of your choice within Purely Porsche or Porsche Archive, allowing you to pinpoint specific customers.

Directory listings

Porsche File has comprehensive listings of Porsche services and products. To get the maximum benefit from these powerful listings, you should enhance your listing with a featured position, company address and phone number, email address, description (up to 25 words) and mini banner advert.

Newsletter sponsorship

Purely Porsche has a large database of Porsche enthusiasts, which we email on a regular basis. Your company can tap into this valuable resource by sponsoring our email newsletter, or by having a bespoke mailing.

Advertising specifications

Advertisements must be supplied in a suitable graphic format (ideally JPG or GIF, 72 dpi) with the following dimensions (in pixels, width x height):
Top Banner (site or page): 392x72
Skyscraper: 160x600
Enhanced Directory listing banner: 150x100


Advertising on Purely Porsche is very cost-effective:

  3 months (total)  6 months (total) 12 months (total)
Global advert (Banner or Skyscraper): £500.00  £850.00 £1500.00
Site advert (Banner or Skyscraper): £300.00   £450.00 £750.00
Page advert (Banner) £250.00  £400.00  £600.00
Enhanced directory listing £150.00  £200.00 £300.00

(All prices are subject to VAT at 17.5%)

Newsletter sponsorship: Please ask for more information.


More information
To explore your options for using the Purely Porsche family for advertising, please send us an email. We’ll be happy to help you make Purely Porsche work for you.