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Why should I join?

Joining will give you unlimited access to accurate vehicle model details, our carefully researched resource guides, picture libraries and other sites; you will receive our quarterly on-line magazine featuring stories and pictures about Porsches.

Will you send me loads of spam?

No, we will not send you any spam and we will never disclose your contact details to others; we will send you only our quarterly on-line magazine packed with features and pictures of Porsches. Our full Privacy Statement can be read in our Terms section.

How much does it cost?

Membership of each of the Purely Porsche family of clubs is, and always will be, free of charge.

I'm already a member of my local club so why join this one?

The Purely Porsche family of clubs exists on-line and uses the power of the Internet to provide information and share Porsche stories with enthusiasts ... we do not replace the opportunity to meet with fellow owners

Why do you not have a Forum?

Two reasons: firstly, there are plenty of very good and well run Porsche-related forums already on-line; secondly: Purely Porsche has a focus on accuracy and completeness of information and this is difficult to provide in a Forum or Wiki environment.

I have spotted a mistake in one of your vehicle pages; what should I do?

Please email the details to info@purelyporsche.com ... we will verify your corrections and then update the relevant page(s); if we cannot verify what you tell us we will contact you for more information

Which of your clubs should I join?

Membership benefits are the same for all members but our system will direct you to the resource lists most relevant to the region you sign up for ... you can browse the other resource information anytime you wish

Do traders pay to be listed?

No, our resource listings are compiled by our team of dedicated enthusiasts who aim to find every trader dealing with Porsches in every one of our categories

I am a trader dealing with Porsches but not listed; how do I get on your list?

Simply email your details to info@purelyporsche.com

I use a local dealer or trader who is not listed; can you add him?

Yes, simply email the details to info@purelyporsche.com

I can't find the resource that I am looking for; is there a guide?

Yes, you can check out our A-Z guide which provides a comprehensive cross-reference to resource entries

I used one of the dealers you list and was disappointed; how do I complain?

We cannot be responsible for the quality of the work of any of our listed traders and you must use the normal channels to complain; you might find others with similar experiences on one of the many forums available. We guarantee that our vehicle information on www.porschearchive.com is accurate but for resources we can only promise a comprehensive listing ... if one of our listed resources no longer deals with Porsches then please let us know.

Every time I switch between your sites I have to login again, why?

The Purely Porsche family of web sites is designed to operate with a single registration and single login; for this to work you must enable cookies in your browser.

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