Installing HID Headlights on an older Porsche 911 in 10 Steps

Porsches usually don't need many upgrades, given their upscale designs and high-quality builds. When it comes to headlights, however, dim bulbs just don't cut it. If you're looking to install brighter headlights, here's a 10-step guide to equipping your Porsche 911 with HIDs..

Step 1

Start by removing the factory headlight bulbs. First, pop open the hood of the 911; on each side you should see a panel covering otherwise exposed metal that sits to the back of the headlights. Remove that panel by pulling down on it until you see a rubber plug. Remove the plug where you will now see an opening. The hole is for a socket and your Porsche should come with a tool you can use for the purpose of removing this headlight. Insert the tool, turn it 180 degrees counterclockwise, and then you'll be able to slowly pull the headlight out from the front of the car.

NOTE: The headlight isn't intended to come straight out. You'll need to work it out slowly by tugging lightly on each end of the stock 911 bulb until its released from its fitted space.

Step 2

Because 911 headlights are round and protrude quite a bit from the body of the car, they aren't housed in conventional headlight buckets. The more recent the model the more likely you'll encounter an empty headlight space where the removed stock bulb once sat. Depending on the model-year of your vehicle, you'll notice differences, again with more recent models not having anything specifically screwed or bolted in. Due to this, if the HIDs you bought aren't a perfect fit, you may need to craft some makeshift mounts that will keep the new bulb secure once installed.

Step 3

While still in their housing, set the new HID bulbs into the headlight assembly space. Once properly fitted in the area connect the wiring harness and any appropriate wiring harness adaptors for proper connections between the HID bulbs and the vehicle's OEM headlight assembly.

Step 4

Once the wiring harness has been pulled through and the HID bulb is sitting correctly in the predetermined space you can start setting up the ballasts. You should leave the bulb in as much of its original casing for as long as possible, so it doesn't become damaged while you work on the remaining steps of the installation, and to avoid skin contact.

Step 5

Make sure the vehicle's battery has been disconnected/removed. To install the HID ballast there are several places where you can choose to mount it. For the ballasts to appear hidden try mounting them directly underneath the headlights on the interior wall. Another popular place to mount them is on the carrier bar attached to the front bumper (a clean and out-of-the-way place). Wherever you decide just make sure the ballast won't interfere with other mechanical components. Ballasts need to stay cool and dry so placing them away from the engine and in a protected place is essential.

Step 6

You'll now be able to plug the HID bulb directly into the ballast to ensure proper electrical voltage regulation.

Step 7

You'll need to plug the ballast connectors to the OEM H13 connector. Do so by connecting the appropriate positive and negative connectors to the terminal locations on the stock connector.

NOTE: Remember, the red wire is positive and the black wire is negative.

Step 8

Everything should now be in place. Take any loose wires or parts and make sure they're tied up and properly secured. If any piece of wire insulation or other sensitive part is exposed to a jagged edge or something else that has the potential to cut or damage it, make sure to mount it away from that edge, or protect it using more vinyl tape.

Step 9

On Porsche 911s it's essential that you perform both headlight modifications at the same time as you'll be unable easily to make adjustments later. So after you've completed Step 8, repeat the first 8 steps on the passenger side light assembly. Remember, the kit should be completely reversible, and should work with all the stock components you're connecting the HIDs to. Only minor cuts or physical modifications should be necessary, if at all.

Step 10

Reinstall and reconnect all the remaining components, particularly your vehicle's battery. Test the lights. If both lights are working properly, you should notice that they're emitting the same color light at the same intensity. Then, just make sure the lights are facing the correct direction as HIDs are extra-bright and can blind oncoming traffic.